Adventure Is Out There!


Wander: to walk or move in a leisurely, casual, or aimless way, to stroll, to ponder.

Lately, I have been doing much wandering, although mostly in my head. I guess you would actually call that reflecting? I was given the assignment a couple of days ago to give an update on my “journey” and immediately I started to draw a blank. I could not think of anything! So, after slightly panicking (and almost canceling), I came to my senses and realized that I did have much to say and add to my “journey”. Continue reading


My life so far….

I cannot believe that it has been seven months already! Much has happened since my first day at Sarasota Hope House. For starters, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew I would be giving myself to reading and understanding of the Word, but I did not know that I would be applying that knowledge weekly at our Hope Chapels. I knew that I would be running sound and media, but I did not know I would be teaching children as young as eight to use the same equipment. I knew I would be leading prayer sets but I did not realize that the Lord would awaken an urgency in my heart for intercession.

“You’ve changed, Bilbo Baggins…

“You’ve changed, Bilbo Baggins… You are not the same hobbit as the one that left the Shire.”-Gandalf.

If you asked me five years ago where I thought I would be I can definitely say that it looked a lot different from today.  In 2009, I was working with kindergarten and first graders as a before and after school counselor. The thought that in a year’s time I would be a student at the International House of Prayer University in their Forerunner Media Institute and that my life would forever change was not even on my radar.

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